Goodwin Street Medical Supply carries several different types of non-electric wheelchairs in our store.

Picking the right wheelchair for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. You may also find that your mobility needs change with time.

  • How light a chair do you need?
  • Can you put it into the trunk of your car?
  • Will somebody else by pushing you primarily or will you be mostly pushing yourself?

There are two basic kinds of wheelchairs: Transport and Standard.


Transport wheelchairs are narrow, smaller-wheeled chairs that are designed to be pushed by a caregiver. A transport chair is light and compact which makes it a good choice for travel and use outside of the home or also to be used in addition to a larger manual or electric wheelchair.

Transport wheelchairs are different from standard wheelchairs in that the wheels are smaller and the body is more narrow to make them easier to push and maneuver. Transport chairs cannot be used by the wheelchair user by themselves.


Standard wheelchairs (or manual) have large rear wheels and smaller front wheels that are designed to be pushed by a caregiver OR manually propelled by the wheelchair user. The larger rear wheels let the user reach the rear wheels and push themselves while seated. Standard wheelchairs are collapsible, transportable, and easy to use by both a wheelchair user or a caregiver.

Goodwin Street Medical Supply has trained staff who will gladly help you find the right wheelchair size for your needs.

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  • Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair

  • Karma S-Ergo 115 Ultralight Wheelchair

  • Karman LT-980 Ultra Light Weight Wheelchair

  • Medline Excel Translator

  • Nova 19″ Lightweight Transport Chair

  • Nova 19″ Steel Transport Chair