Consultations and Fitting

Do you need help finding the right product for you with the right fit?

We want to make sure our customers find the right product for their circumstance and that it fits properly.

Braces and Orthotics

All our staff are knowledgeable and experienced at measuring and fitting for most types of Braces and Orthotics, so most of the time an appointment is not necessary.

We encourage trying on braces and orthotics, and have a private fitting room available for use if needed. Measurements are a good starting point but with variations in peoples bodies trying on is the best way to be sure. Ensuring a perfect fit before you leave the store will keep you from having to come back for a different size.

In situations with more advanced types of orthotics (e.g. range of motion, afos, off-loaders) an appointment for fitting may be necessary, and the item may need to be special ordered. If you receive a prescription and wish to bill through insurance please bring the prescription, the insurance cards, and ID.

Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings have not only sizing to consider, but compression level. Compression level is measured in millimeters of mercury, or mmHg.

Sizing is done by measuring the circumference of the ankle and calf, as well as the thigh for thigh high stockings. Our staff is available to measure you without an appointment needed. If you are purchasing for another person who is unable to come in we can guide you through taking measurements yourself.

Compression level is usually determined by your doctor or therapist, and if not specified we will default to the therapeutic level of 15-20 mmHg.

Please note that Medicare currently only covers compression stockings with a diagnosis of an open wound or ulcer. All other diagnosis will be an out of pocket purchase.

Mastectomy Prosthesis and Bras

We have two Mastectomy fitters on staff trained in Post-Mastectomy fittings for prosthesis and bras.

We do ask for appointments to be made for this consultation as the fitters are not always in the office.

Call us at (928) 541 -1825 to schedule a fitting.