An “orthotic device” means a fitted or custom-fitted or fabricated medical device that is applied to a part of the human body to correct a deformity, improve function, or relieve symptoms of a disease or injury.

Orthotics – Used to Help Your Foot, Leg, Or Back Pain Needs

Are you experiencing knee, back, wrist or ankle pain? Orthotics or braces can be a way to help alleviate many aches and pains. Goodwin Street Medical Supply provides premium quality medical-graded products met with the highest level of service and delivery.

Orthotics that are fitted properly can help you regain a normal life by supporting any injured limb or body part.

Orthotics braces or splints are used to correct deformities, improve function, or relieve symptoms of a disease or injury.  It could be used to help your toes, foot/feet, ankle, leg, knee, thigh, hip, abdominal, coccyx, tailbone, lumbar, lumbar sacral, back, thoracic, spinal, neck, shoulder, posture, fingers, arms, wrist, thumb, elbows, hand pain or therapeutic needs.

What Do Orthotics Supplies Do?

Orthotic supplies are designed and created to meet two primary needs, and knowing which direction to go in can benefit the healing process.

  1. Orthotics support, pain relief and help to straighten injured limbs. Orthotics or braces help with injuries, deformities and illnesses.
  2. Orthotics may help to prevent further injury.  Items like a knee immobilizer are often offered right after being diagnosed from the emergency room.

Why Choose Orthotics?

Patients want to live the life that is pain free with the freedom of ultimate mobility. Knee, back, or ankle pain can severely decrease one’s quality of life. Therefore, orthotics may help you regain some independence and regain function. The right orthotic or prosthetic device suitable for your unique needs can start you down your path to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Why Choose Goodwin Street Medical Supply?

We are a local family owned and long established supplier for a wide variety of medical supplies, and our range of orthotics products exists to meet most needs. We have a team of knowledgeable and trained individuals, who are certified fitters to help you get the best product for your needs. Our priority is the success of the patient’s healing time, which is why our products improve mobility and decrease the healing time. We are committed to helping you reach your goal of a happy, healthy and pain-free lifestyle! Get in touch today for assistance.

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