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Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital Bed Rental

Rent a Hospital Bed for Sleep and Rest at Home

Hospital beds are specialized beds that designed for care of a person who is unwell or immobile. A hospital bed enables the user to adjust the position of their head and feet and height, increasing the circulation and overall comfort of the patient. Here in Prescott, we are finding that many folks under in-home care are using our hospital bed rental service to help relieve the symptoms of various medical problems and conditions.

Hospital Bed Rental: An Economical Solution

Renting a hospital bed is a very cost-effective way for people to have medical beds right in their home whether is required for long or short period of time. Goodwin Street Medical Supply can quickly and efficiently deliver a bed with a professional setup.

Full Electric Hospital Beds

Goodwin Street Medical Supply only supplies full electric hospital beds with upgraded mattresses for your comfort. Full electric beds have motors that independently raise and/or lower the height as well as head and foot adjustments. usually have motors that independently raise or lower various sections of the bed. To manage it, we just plug it into a wall and you adjust it with a hand controller.

Benefits of Renting an Electric Hospital Bed

An electric hospital bed is ideal for patients who need frequent changes in body position. They are easy-to-use and enable a patient with limited mobility to move themselves. These beds are not only convenient for the patient but also reduce strain on a caregiver. Adjustable to accommodate a wide range of position needs, an electric hospital bed is ideal for comfort and circulation.

The Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed

After much deliberation, the professional staff at Goodwin Street Medical Supply has settled on Invacare’s Full Electric Homecare Bed for our rentals. This hospital bed is easy to use and removes the strain and hassle of raising and lowering of the knees and upper body and it safely adjusts the height of the bed frame for easy patient transfers.

What Makes the Invacare Different

What sets Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed apart from all others? Combining functionality with luxury, Invacare’s Full electric is equipped with a quiet motor system with waterproof enclosures.  And the fast cycle time for lowering of the bed is unsurpassed.

Customers Throughout the Quad-Cities

We charge a modest flat fee for delivery of the Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed. This includes set up, and pickup in the Quad-City Area (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Dewey-Humbolt). If you are located farther away, just contact us.

  • Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed

    Convenient for both the user and caregiver to adjust body position and bed height. Users and caregivers can easily adjust body position and bed height with intuitive hand pendant. Maintenance is easy with color-coded junction box connections. Interchangeable bed ends reduce inventory and are washable with standard water pressure.

    Monthly Rental available: $300.00 + $75.00 delivery/pickup. Visit Rental Equipment Page.


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