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Ambulatory Aids

Ambulatory Aids

Mobility and Ambulatory aids include items such as canes, walkers, rollators, and transport chairs.

Many people have mobility and balance issues due to aging, injury or other medical conditions and may find they need assistance with their mobility.


A walker has a lightweight frame that is about waist high, approximately 12 inches (30 cm) deep and slightly wider than the user. Walkers are also available in other sizes such as pediatric or bariatric. Modern walkers are height adjustable and should be set at a height that is comfortable for the user, but will allow the user to maintain a slight bend in their arms. This bend is needed to allow for proper blood circulation through the arms as the walker is used. It is common to see tennis balls with holes cut into them on the back legs of a walker with wheels on the front. This is often used to help with surfaces such as hardwood, epoxy and linoleum flooring. A walker is often used as ambulatory aid by those who are recuperating from leg or back injuries. It is also commonly used by persons having problems with walking or with mild balance problems.


A different approach to the walker is the rollator, also called a wheeled walker. The rollator consists of a frame with three or four large wheels, handlebars and a built-in seat, which allows the user to stop and rest when needed. Rollators are also often equipped with a shopping basket. Rollators are typically more sophisticated than conventional walkers with wheels. They are adjustable in height and are light-weight, yet sturdier than conventional walkers. The handlebars are equipped with hand brakes that can be lifted or pushed downward to instantly stop the rollator. Interestingly, a study in the 2000s found an increase in the use of rollators by young people “usually in their thirties…” The researchers conclude that this might be helpful in alleviating any possible stigma that using a rollator might carry.

When you’re not feeling at your best and need some help with your mobility, Goodwin Street Medical Supply can help you find the right ambulatory aid for your needs.

  • Nova Knee Walker

    • The Knee Walker with 300 lb weight capacity is ideal to provide non-weight bearing mobility for ankle, foot or Achilles injuries
    • Easy maneuverability combined with NOVA’s patented locking hand brakes
    • Easily adjusts for left or right leg, steering column folds down for transport and storage
    • Comes with 8” rugged wheels and contoured and padded knee platform
      • Approximate user height: 4’11” – 6’2”
      • Knee pad height adjustment: 16” – 20.5”
      • Weight: 26 lb
      • Weight Capacity: 300 lb
      • Color: Metallic Silver

    We love The Knee Walker because being on the go … while recovering from foot/ ankle/Achilles injury is long, uncomfortable and very inconvenient. Stay mobile and recover better with the non-weight bearing The Knee Walker, equipped with locking hand brakes, rugged wheels and a strong frame that supports up to 300 lb. It’s going to be a long 6-12 weeks … suffer less and move more.

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  • Nova Traveler 3-Wheeled Rollator Walker

    • Great rolling walker for maneuvering diverse spaces and terrain with foldable design and large 8″ wheels, weighs only 16 pounds
    • Easy to use locking handbrakes designed for maximum comfort and control
    • Comes complete with roomy zippered pouch, large basket and tray
    • Width between handles: 12″; Handle height adjustment: 33″ – 37.25″ (Approximate user height: 5’4″ – 6’2″); Weight capacity: 250 pounds
    • Overall dimensions: 24.25″W x 23.75″D; Overall dimensions when folded: 33″ – 37.25″L x 26″W x 11″D
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  • Lumex Dual Release Folding Walker

    • Durable 1″ aluminum tubing provides maximum strength while remaining lightweight
    • Raised H-frame design facilitates over-toilet positioning
    • Contoured, textured handgrips offer a safe, secure hand hold
    • Dual release folding mechanism enables user to fold walker sides independently
    • Adjustable height fits a broad range of user heights
    • Accommodates all leg attachments
    • Folded depth 4″
    • Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0143
    • Rear glide caps to facilitate use on all surfaces
    • Includes laminated color operating instructions
    • Three (3) year limited warranty

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  • Medline Excel Translator

    • Combine the functionality of both a rollator and transport chair in one unit
    • In just seconds, our Excel Translator easily converts from a rollator to a transport chair and vice-versa
    • Can be used to walk, rest and ride
    • Features include: easy-to-adjust push-button footrests lock to sides of translator when not in use, breathable nylon upholstery, height-adjustable push grips, comfortable hand brake, restaurant-style permanent armrests, convenient side-carrying case and cup holder, roomy under-seat basket and strong carrying handles
    • Leg style: swing-away detachable footrest
    • Seat size 19″ x 16″ (48 x 41 cm)
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  • Nova Zoom Series Rollator Walker

    Get the perfect fit and features with The Zoom. Choose your seat height from 18″, 20″, 22″, and 24″ according to your height, from petite to tall. Features include 8″ wheels, an under seat pouch, a padded seat, our patented feather touch hand brakes, flip up back, and self threading height adjustment knobs.

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  • Lumex Walkabout Lite Four-Wheel Rollator

    The Lumex Walkabout Lite Four-Wheel rollator offers a comfortable, lightweight and affordable solution to mobility. Designed with an aluminum frame, this lightweight rollator weighs 14.5 lbs and supports up to a 300 lb weight capacity. The Walkabout folds quickly and easily into a compact unit for storage and transport.

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