mediven harmony

The high-quality, comfortable and effective round knit solution for arm lymphedema.

Innovative fabric with effective containment.

Ellipses in the crease of the elbow and on the point of the elbow for extra comfort.

Comfortable top band holds securely.

Machine wash gentle cycle at 100° F and cool tumble dry.

Latex free.

Natural moisturizing properties of Lanolin.


mediven harmony is the latest armsleeve range from medi. It raises the standard for circular knit armsleeves with a perfect balance between efficacy and comfort. It is knitted to stringent RAL quality standard to ensure accurate graduated compression.

mediven harmony is a unique fabric that is soft to touch, clinically effective and easy to apply. It features a new design that incorporates a double ellipse – one in the crease and one on the point of the elbow – for maximum patient comfort.


  • Shoulder arm vein thrombosis.
  • Post-operative and post-traumatic edema.
  • Primary and secondary stage lymphedema of the arm.
  • Hand piece (Glove or Gauntlet) reduces accumulation of fluid in the hand while wearing a medical compression sleeve.

* These indications should be seen as a recommendation.
The garment model and the strength of pressure required,
i.e. the compression class, depend on the diagnosis, the
treatment site, the clinical findings and the patient‘s
susceptibility to edema. Please also consider the patient‘s
individual requirements and circumstances (comorbidities,
mobility, BMI, state of their skin and tissues, etc).

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